Mark Sultan/Sultanic Verses

mark sultan

$ 10.00

Mark Sultan (aka BBQ the one man band).....singer/guitarist of Mind Controls, drummer/singer of Les Sexareenos, singer of The Spaceshits, collaborator with The Deadly Snakes, Jack Oblivian and The Demon's Claws. The Sultanic Verses, his first album as 'Mark Sultan', foregoing the one man, Sultan decided to do an album recording many of the instruments himself and inviting friends to fill in the gaps. Recorded in Berlin and Montreal, the results are perfect. Proving his reputation as one of the world's finest rock'n'roll singers and songwriters, but also expanding his repertoire by throwing experimental, psychedelic and punk rock into his trademark mix of RnB, garage, soul and REAL rock'n'roll. The Sultanic Verses is 11 songs of creative genius that sets a new standard in modern music. A juke-box blowout of styles and effortless hits with NO FILLER AT ALL. Fans of The Velvet Underground, The Falcons, The Saints, Brian Eno, Eddie Cochran, The Human Expression, Phil Spector, Buddy Holly and great music in general, rejoice. But two copies for when the grooves wear out. Nobody does it like Mark Sultan. LP TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

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