Bored? August 20 2014

In The Red is proud to announce the new double vinyl reissue of The Intelligence's debut album, Boredom And Terror. Originally released on Narnack records in 2004, Boredom And Terror is the first time Lars Finberg stepped out from behind the A-Frames' drum kit to showcase his own music. Later releases by the Intelligence were fleshed out with additional musicians but on this debut album Lars was an army of one armed with an 8 track recorder and a notebook full of songs. The results are as original as they are incredible. This is lo-fi post punk electro garage-core that is equal parts Devo, The Fall and something altogether it's own.
This new edition of Boredom And Terror has been newly remastered. The original vinyl release contained an 11 track bonus CD which we have included here as a second LP. Both housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve. The first 200 copies come on grey with black splatter vinyl.
" Lars Finberg, the lo-fi dandy of West Seattle, locked his front door and pressed the record button on his favorite eight-track machine and made songs that could be either ecclesiastic alien probes, Hank Williams going electro-slash, or John Lennon making friends with a video game. "
- Insound

OUT NOW! July 30 2014

New record available today on In The Red! The debut release from the UK's Arndales titled Dog Hobbies USA. Six song 12" EP that plays at 45 RPM and sounds totally badass!! Pressed in an edition of 500 - first 200 on gold vinyl. ARNDALES consist of four men. Notable bands/artists they've been/are involved with: Country Teasers, Thrilled Skinny, Badgewearer, Gag, Montana Pete, Pregnant Neck, Collapsed Lung, Zuno Men and Jad Fair. They’re menacing, menacingly good! For fans of The Fall and Country Teasers.

Hear song samples here on the ITR Soundcloud page:
(follow there while you're at it!)

Available Now! July 15 2014

Meatbodies "Mudgals" 7"
First 150 on mud splattered vinyl
Meatbodies/Wand "Void" split 7"
A/Meatbodies-Feed the Void
B/Wand/Take Me Back to the Void

Mailing List July 09 2014

You're upset because you missed out on the limited edition color vinyl??? You want a refund due to the disappointment that you wound up with a lousy black 7" when you really hoped for the pink with orange splatter?? Maybe this sort of thing would have never occurred if you would've only signed up for the In The Red mailing list!! Sure, you can say, "but you never had a mailing list before now"…..well that may be true but WHOSE FAULT IS THAT???? Just sign up now!!! Email: with your name and preferred email address, and you will be added. And remember, the mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There's never a letup, It's relentless. Every day it piles up more and more, but the more you get out, the more it keeps coming. And then the bar code reader breaks.

Coming Soon June 17 2014

Red Aunts double LP retrospective

Good News May 29 2014

Starts shipping June 13th!

LP: First 200 on colored vinyl

7": First 85 on clear red vinyl


GET EM'! April 15 2014

While the gettin's good...

New releases available for pre-order now! Eastlink LP, Watery Love LP, Meatbodies 7" and Watery Love 7". 200 color vinyl on each. Ships on May 1st. Stoked! 


Out Now! March 11 2014

Spits double LP / CD. Remastered with additional tracks from the original issue.

Coming Soon... March 11 2014

Meatbodies 7"




Watery Love 7"




Watery Love-Decorative Feeding LP/CD



Eastlink S/T LP/CD



Zig-Zags 7"



Zig Zags-S/T LP/CD



Arndales LP



The Intelligence-Boredom and Terror-double LP