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In The Red’s first soundtrack album! Ian Svenonius says, “The Lost Record” is the underground rock ‘n’ roll exploitation sci—fi film of our time. Starring Pauline Jorry & featuring appearances & contributions from Henry Rollins, Emmett Kelly, Michelle Mae, Paul Zone, Howie Pyro, Kid Congo, Crush, Automatic Band, & scores of other underground notables, “The Lost Record” —directed & produced by Ian F Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral — is a film set in a murky indeterminate future/past world where one record, “THE #1 RECORD” holds sway over society. In this world, “The #1 Record,” is unavoidable & ubiquitous; pumped out nonstop on the airwaves, intercom, & television with its irresistible & infectious message of totalitarian consumer control. 
The status quo is challenged when a protagonist — played by Pauline Jorry — a worker on an art assembly line, stumbles on another record at a junk-shop which is neglected, lost, & unplayed. Called “The Lost Record”, it suggests another way to live; another set of values. Enchanted, she begins to play it for others, much to the consternation of the authorities. Can/ will it challenge the #1 Record? And what will happen if it succeeds?? 
Based conceptually on the Escape-ism song of the same name, the soundtrack features a beautiful original score by Alex Minoff (of Golden, Extra Golden & Weird War fame) plus music by Emmett Kelly, Escape-ism, The Make Up; plus sound blurbs from this singularly poignant, funny, & affecting film which has won citations & notices at Belgrades Kinoskop festival, Indie Lisboa, & the Chicago Underground Film Festival among others. Now on vinyl from IN THE RED RECORDS —the irresistible LOST RECORD MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK ALBUM
Limited color vinyl

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