The Marilyns - I’m Glad I’m Not A Man b/w I’m On Acid 7”


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In between the Klitz and the Hellcats, Memphis had the Marilyns. The (mostly) all-girl group started out playing three-chord rock ‘n’ roll with traditional songs thrown in (Memphis Minnie, Jimmy Reed and Elvis). Headquartered at Mongo’s Pizza, the Marilyns eventually became regulars at the legendary Antenna Club. Just as things started to get rolling, guitarist Kim Kruger moved to L.A. with the Modifiers, ending the first phase of the Marilyns (1984-1985).

The Marilyns regrouped in 1988 with the help of Randy Chertow (Randy Band), expanding to a six-piece. The band recorded at Easley Studios before drummer Thomas Smith moved to NYC, bringing a final end to the Marilyns in 1989. Until now, the group’s recorded output consisted of two locally distributed cassette tapes.

“I’m on Acid” was recorded in 1984 and “I’m Glad I’m not a Man” was cut in 1988 at Easley Studios. This 7” is limited to 300 copies. For fans of the Klitz, Pandoras and Hellcats.

The Marilyns (1984-1985)
Marilyn Albert (guitar, vocals)
Jeannie Tomlinson-Saltmarsh (bass, vocals)
Kim Kruger (guitar, vocals)
Carno Farris (drums)

The Marilyns (1988-1989)
Marilyn Albert (guitar, vocals)
Cheryl Neely (guitar, vocals)
Leigh Ann Jordan (guitar, vocals)
Jeannie Tomlinson-Saltmarsh (bass, vocals)
Betsy Elias (keyboard, vocals)
Thomas Smith (drums)

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