Lili Z - The Two Of Us

Lili Z

$ 20.00


After her previous achievements with the SPLASH FOUR, the NO-TALENTS, more recently with VOLT, and her first collection of home tapes, LILI Z returns with fourteen new and excellent 8-track cassette living room recordings on her own Polly Maggoo label. Twisted into shapes that very vaguely resemble seam-bursting garage punk (whatever that means today), the numbers‚ charms (twelve original songs and reworkings with Lili Z lyrics of a Bela Bartok piece and an old Rondos chestnut) lie in their unpredictability. Sometimes it’s a little late ‘70s punk rock, sometimes it’s catchy metronome-like electro-punk, sometimes it’s pure guitar noise freakouts and sometimes it’s experimental tooling around. But most of all it’s pure Lili Z, recorded at home at her most intimate. Working as a sort of Lili Z musical diary The Two of Us also comes with a stunning full-color 16-page booklet of Lili’s collages and meticulous illustrations for each song. Imported from France.