Nudge Squidfish - Early Squid

Spacecase Records

$ 20.00

Another winner from our pals at Spacecase Records! Early Squid is a collection of songs Nudge Squidfish cut between 1975 and 1980. Nudge is one of the major figures of the Columbus, Ohio, DIY-underground scene that spawned other major talents like the late Tommy Jay (who’s makes a couple of appearances on Early Squid) and Jim Shepard, Mike Rep, Don Howland, Ron House, etc.

After years of home recording, Nudge joined the True Believers with Mike Rep and Tommy Jay who released a single on the Columbus-based New Age imprint in 1980. Throughout the ‘80s, Nudge put out several LPs and tapes on his NS label, as well as with New Age. Notably, he was a member of V-3 with Jim Shepard who he recorded with throughout the 1990s. During the 2010s, the superb Columbus Discount Records and Feeding Tube released several archival Squid LPs.

Mastering engineer Adam Smith (Columbus Discount Records) posits Early Squid is “Nudge’s Electric Ladyland.” I agree, but with elements of Randy Holden and, naturally, the outstanding music recorded and released out on the margins in Columbus, Ohio, near the end of the 20th century. Themes covered in Early Squid are mind control and loss of employment due to alcoholism. It’s prime Nudge. Early Squid comes with an insert featuring old Nudge memorabilia and liner notes by Charles Cicirella. Limited to 300 copies. $20

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