Sparks/Dick Around


$ 10.00

We announce with great pride, the first US single from Sparks' Hello Young Lovers album. Edited down from its album length of nearly seven minutes to an explosive three and change, Dick Around is showcased here to be what we at ITR always knew it was; a breathtaking piece of explosive pop rock brilliance. The CD EP includes, in addition to the A-side track, (Baby Baby) Can I Invade Your Country (alternate lyrics), Happy Hunting Ground, Bon Voyage, In The Future (all recorded in Hollywood at the Avalon on May 20, 2005), an interview with Ron and Russell Mael conducted by Steve Jones (indie 103.1/Sex Pistols) and Quicktime videos (which can be viewed full screen) for the A-side, Dick Around, and Perfume. What else could you ask for? One of us to come over and wash your car? Go to our mail order page and buy this single and, for god-sakes, request Dick Around to be played on your local radio station!!! $10

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