Tyvek/Nothing Fits


$ 10.00

The second album from this incredible Detroit band finds them at their most aggressive and intense yet. Punk rock this blistering is hard to come by these days so you'd be an idiot not to buy this. Trust me.


Tyvek's In The Red debut, Nothing Fits, is a scalding collection of amped-up and thrust-out songs that crank up the energy level far beyond their previous releases, and decimate the detractors into the abyss. It's Tyvek at their fiery, screaming best, and if this doesn't curl your eyebrows and your toes simultaneously with excitement, then you might need to settle for something musically akin to hospital food or take another laxative, because this blast of new recordings might just flush out your system to the point of personal emergency.—Todd Killings, VictimofTime.comX

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