The Stallion / The Dark Side Of The Wall - Triple LP

$ 40.00

All hail the debut release from The Stallion! The Stallion are Ben Wallers and Alastair Mackinven of the Country Teasers. For two years they labored at the legendary Hit Factory recording studios in London as their schedule allowed. The project at hand was their long-planned/often-threatened The Dark Side Of The Wall – a song for song interpretation of Pink Floyd's 1979 album The Wall. At long last we are proud to unveil the results – The Dark Side Of The Wall is upon us.

It should surprise no one familiar with Ben Wallers' work or record collection that he would choose this particular album to honor. The Wall's influence has been noticeable in his music before (see Spiderman In The Flesh from the Country Teasers' Empire Strikes Back album). The man likes his Floyd - he even rates The Final Cut as “brilliant”.

It should also surprise no one that Roger Waters' compositions from The Wall take a morbid and twisted turn in the hands of Ben and Alastair. What was already a fairly dark and bleak piece of work becomes much darker and bleaker here. It's also longer. Pink Floyd's original contained 26 songs spread across four sides of long playing vinyl which, by comparison, was the same number of tracks as Pink Floyd’s four previous studio albums combined. The Stallion's take on these same 26 selections spans SIX sides of vinyl. Alastair says, “it's longer so it's better, right?” You be the judge but, we concur.

The Dark Side Of The Wall is a beautiful piece of work both aurally and aesthetically. Packaged in a gorgeous heavy duty triple gatefold, this limited edition triple vinyl package won't be around long. You will hate yourself if you miss it.



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