The Urinals - The Happy Squid Sampler 7”

$ 9.50

“The Happy Squid Sampler” was originally released in 1980 on the Urinals’ Happy Squid Records. The 7” sampler features the Urinals as well as the band’s alter ego, Arrow Book Club. Danny and the Doorknobs (an early moniker for Trotsky Icepick), The Vidiots, featuring the late Rik L. Rik with their memorable “Laurie’s Lament,” and experimental synth artist Phil Bedel round out the A side. Neef, who has more in common with Pierre Schaeffer and Robert Rental than any group on Dangerhouse or Slash, takes up the entirety of the B side.

“The Happy Squid Sampler” is an incredible EP capturing how eclectic Los Angeles’ music scene was in 1980. The Urinals bridged several scenes, from LA punk to LAFMS, and that’s what they captured here. “The Happy Squid Sampler” was originally released in a small run of 500 and has been out of print for decades. Spacecase Records is proud to reissue this outstanding collection.

Limited to 300 copies.

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