V/A - We Live in Strange Times: A Spacecase Records Sampler LP

$ 24.00

From our friends at Spacecase Records!

Tens years of poor decision making in the record game, plus Keats Rides a Harley, inspired this comp. Features TSOT, Chris Durham, Ritchie Venus, Optic Sink, Unda Fluxit, the Klitz, and many more…limited to 300 copies.

Track List:

A1. True Sons of Thunder - You Don’t Love Me Yet
A2. Bloodbags - Silver Savage
A3. Rearranged Face - Titular Story
A4. Optic Sink - Pyramid Scheme
A5. Kill Pile - Ponderosa (Slight Return)
B1. Unda Fluxit - The Blue Dream
B2. Christopher Alan Durhan - Sinking Quick
B3. The Klitz - F-Sharp Minor (The Klitz Are In Town)
B4. Ritchie Venus - Listen to the Angels
B5. Talbot Adams - Trouble