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ITR is proud to announce the release of the first studio full length album from The Oblivians since 1997! Desperation picks up right where the band left off, delivering fourteen scorching tracks of soulful punk-garage-blues trash rock informed in equal parts by 50s rock n roll, 60s garage rock, Memphis soul, Delta blues and Killed By Death-style punk. There s even a Cajun Zydeco cover here! As Greg Oblivian puts it, Between our last record as a band in 97 and now, a lot of water has passed below that bridge. We three went our own ways after that and pursued our own musical goals. Personally, I often missed the dynamic that Jack and Eric offered to my songwriting. Almost as much as I missed being given carte blanche to add a thing or two to theirs. I ve played with lots of great musicians in the interim but needless to say, it s a hard itch to scratch.

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