Timmy's Organism/Raw Sewage Roq

$ 10.00


In 2010 Timmy’s Organism released their debut album, “Rise Of The Green Gorillas” on Sacred Bones, which was basically Vulgar solo recordings. For Raw Sewage Roq it’s the full band pounding the kind of wacked-out sci-fi inspired skuzzy skronk anyone familiar with Timmy’s oeuvre would expect or hope for. With Raw Sewage Roq, Timmy jettisons some of the avant, jazzy Beefheartian leanings of Human Eye in favor of a more direct, straight-ahead approach that owes more to KBD punk, Alice Cooper style glam and Hawkwind. That said, “straight-ahead” by Timmy Vulgar standards is still pretty damned unhinged. You will hate yourself if you sleep on this one!!

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