Available for pre-order now!
JON SPENCER - Spencer Sings The Hits LP/CD
We are proud to announce the release of Jon Spencer’s first ever solo album!!! After several decades of making music in Pussy Galore, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Boss Hog Jon has decided to strike out on his own. Despite the title, this is not a hits collection but is instead twelve brand new Spencer penned originals. Spencer Sings The Hits is a twisted take on garage-punk: super-nasty, super-simple caveman guitars, metal percussion and synth bass. This is some of his most primitive and hard-hitting works since his early days in Pussy Galore. Limited edition on color vinyl.
The SIDE EYES - Get Me Out / Stop 7” single
Los Angeles’ Side Eyes are back with two blasts of in-your-face punk rock. Limited edition on yellow vinyl. Catch them on tour with Fidlar this fall!
Also now available
CCR HEADCLEANER - four song 7” EP
SF’s CCR Headcleaner recently released this new four track seven inch EP on their own Pollen Season label. It’s an awesome sonic dose of the psychotic, psychedelic head fuck you know and love them for. They only made a small amount of these and we were lucky enough to get some. Grab this while you can!

SURPRISE! Ty Segall has a new covers record: Fudge Sandwich September 05 2018

SURPRISE! We are pleased to announce the new TY SEGALL covers album - FUDGE SANDWICH - out October 26th on In The Red. Better yet, it’s available for PRE-ORDER right now! Listen to the lead single "I’m A Man" on the ITR youtube page to get a feel. Link in bio. You can read more about it on his artists page as well .

GØGGS + Jeffrey Evans and Ross Johnson + more! September 03 2018

Available for pre-order now!

GØGGS - Pre Strike Sweep LP/CD

With their second album Pre Strike Sweep, GØGGS add a new level of primordial anxiety to their already catastrophic symphony. Recorded and mixed in 2017 and the beginning of 2018 by GØGGS guitarist and co-founder Ty Segall, Pre Strike Sweep explores the damaging affects of modern life before blowing them up one by one. Singer Chris Shaw uses terms like “space rinse” and “roadside surgery” to inform the listener that this is a strange and different trip, far and away from the Glendale Junkyard he romanticized in 2016, while bassist Michael Anderson and Charles Moothart (drums, guitar) provide a white-hot, pummeling rhythm to the rejuvenated GØGGS sound. In fact, all expectations brought on by GØGGS acclaimed debut are crushed into dust, revealing a new standard by which the GØGGS march thumps.  Limited edition on color vinyl. Starts shipping mid September.

Available now from our friends at Spacecase Records!
Jeffrey Evans and Ross Johnson - Caldonia b/w Cotton Fields 7” single
The kings of Memphis rock ‘n’ talk are back! Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Bros. and ‘68 Comeback) and Ross Johnson (Panther Burns and Alex Chilton) are performing again as a duo—a project they started back in the 2000s with a residency at The Buccaneer (RIP) and captured on the Vanity Session LP. This single includes covers of “Caldonia” and “Cotton Fields.” Limited to 300 copies.

Keep your eyes on ITR social media this Tuesday 9/4 for some exciting news!

WARM DRAG debut LP August 17 2018

In The Red are proud to announce that the debut album from Warm Drag is ready to order!


Based in Los Angeles, Warm Drag are Vashti Windish (K-Holes, Golden Triangle) on vocals and Paul Quattrone (Oh Sees, !!!, Money Lemon) on two Akai MPC 1000 samplers. “I basically wanna make Bomb Squad versions of rock ’n’ roll songs,” says Quattrone. “It sounds weird but I can hear a common ground where girl groups, dub, harsh noise, minimal synth, repetitious industrial, voodoo percussion, power electronics, black leather jacket rock ’n’ roll, and DJ Screw-inspired slowing down/pitching down of samples all meet,” says Windish. “The combination of these two talents results in one of the best debut albums in ages. It’s like Siouxsie fronting Martin Rev only better”, says In The Red.
Seriously, this is a ridiculously great album. Limited edition on orange vinyl.
Check out the singles here:
Cave Crawl:

New releases from: The SCIENTISTS & EARTH GIRL HELEN BROWN July 20 2018

Two new releases ready to order!!
The SCIENTISTS - Braindead (Resuscitated) / Survivalskills 7” single
We are over the Moon to announce the release of these two brand new recordings by this legendary Australian swamp rock/noise band!!!! The recently reassembled 1986 line-up featuring Kim Salmon, Tony Thewlis, Boris Sujdovic and Leanne Cowie are touring again (first ever US dates this fall!!!) and have been recording their first new material in over 30 years. They sound as powerful and deranged as ever. This single is essential!
Limited edition on splatter vinyl.


EARTH GIRL HELEN BROWN - Four Satellites Vol. 1 double LP/CD

The Earth Girl Helen Brown Center for Planetary Intelligence Band (E.G.H.B.C.F.P.I.B.) is pleased to join forces with In the Red Records & Empty Cellar Records, presenting the first vinyl release of their proto planetary series: Four Satellites Vol. 1. Double gate-folded LP (3 sides + etching), the release is a collection of songs and information from the band’s 2017 consumer recycled cassette series. Spring: MERCURYfire; Summer: MARSwar; Fall: SATURN: communication; Winter: VENUSlove. Classic black or green and gold all proceeds benefit 12 earth-minded organizations.

The band, related media artists and technicians includes: Heidi Alexander, Jamie Barron, Jamin Barton, Eric Bauer, Aylin Beyce, Emilee Booher, Ryan Browne, Tim Cohen, Grace Cooper, Dave Cousin, Brad Caulkins, Mikal Cronin, Bart Davenport, Brigid Dawson, John Dwyer, Chris Fallon, Lars Finberg, James Finch Jr., Davin Givhan, Dylan Hadley, Dustin Hamman, Kiran Harlow, Wilder Harlow, Graeme Gibson, Tahlia Harbour, Anna Hillburg, Douglas Hilsinger, Warren Huegel, Emmett Kelly, Nora Keys, Shannon Lay, Raven Mahon, Rusty Miller, Charlie Moonheart, Jack Name, Ethan Novikoff, Tim Presley, Ty Segall, Dave Sitek, Sean Smith, Sonny Smith, Kelley Stoltz, Enrique Tena, Alica Vanden Heuvel, Lida Vanden Heuvel and Mikey Young. 

Double LP with etched side. Limited edition  on Earth green vinyl.


We’re proud to announce two excellent new sophomore releases and corresponding new t-shirts available for pre-order NOW!
Lavender Flu - Mow The Glass LP/CD

The new Lavender Flu album, "Mow the Glass", was recorded in the living room of a small house on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can hear it in the music. The Oregon Coast. The open sound of a band playing to an audience of endless water, sun, and sky.  A bald eagle flew by the window every few hours; as if to remind the band where they really were.  "Heavy Air", the previous album, was a home recording project. The songs started with Chris (Gunn formerly of The Hunches) on a guitar or a synth or a bowl of cereal and were built up from there. A rotating cast of friends and family helped flesh out the material. It could have been made in deep space or at the bottom of the ocean.

"Mow The Glass" is a reflection of the live experience. Four people playing together; working within the template of pop classicism. 35 minutes of music. This time, the Flu comes out of the water and spends a little more time on land: pop kicks, psychedelic derangement, beauty, spells cast via hate raga and rocker. The band moves backward, forward and sideways; often within the same piece. The music breathes. It doesn't deal in nostalgic regression or self conscious futurism. It just sounds like the Lavender Flu. Essential! Limited edition on color vinyl.

Lavender Flu Shirt
Power - Turned On LP/CD

Being that POWER is a band with just three members has meant that everybody carves their own name into the stone, a trio de force who share the Atlantic weight equally upon their shoulders. In the time since their debut LP, ELECTRIC GLITTER BOOGIE, finer details have been ironed out, their craft honed to a sharp point. 2018's TURNED ON is a sonic triumph. Three days in the studio has given birth to a titan - a thunderous recording that’d make Lemmy and the fellas blush. This harnessed power provides many a highlight on Turned On. From the get-go there’s an outrageousness in songwriting that is present on many classic R'n'R follow up albums. Stomping boogie. Raw glam. Punk’n’roll. Blues bashing. Primitive heavy metal exaltation. There’s not a moment of falter or doubt to be heard, it’s purely sweat and confidence here. They’ve created an album equally drenched in the classic moves of loud guitar music (think the sounds oozed by Australian acts of the 70's and a certain band from England featuring Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar, Philthy Animal Taylor on drums and God himself on bass) while also completely stepping forward on their own hero's journey - a journey through many moons of Rock & Roll. Be TURNED ON. Limited edition on color vinyl.

Power Shirt


Three new “hits” from In The Red!! 


Arndales – “Shops” LP

Arndales hail from the Three Counties (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire) area of England, a hinterland bolted on to North London. Members of the band have also performed with bands such as Country Teasers, Art Brut, Collapsed Lung, Thrilled Skinny and others. They describe their music as "Three Counties Ug-Rock".

On their new album they have taken inspiration from the rich world of retail jargon. The main source of lyrical inspiration was a shared Google Doc where friends could deposit the latest nuggets of retail gobbledygook they'd heard at work. Opening track "Prestige Pricing" is named after the practice of deliberately inflating the price of a product to indicate it's prestigious status. "Dark Store" takes its name from the customer-free supermarkets used to fulfill online shopping orders.

Album closer "Theme from A Big 10-8 Place" is a cover of the Negativland song, transferring the narrative from the Bay Area to mid Bedfordshire, England.

For fans of Country Teasers and The Fall. Limited edition on silver/gold vinyl.



ARCHIE & the BUNKERS – Play The Damned 7” EP

In The Red is proud to announce this brand new 7” EP from Cleveland, Ohio's Archie & the Bunkers. The band consists of teenage brothers Emmett (drums/vocals) and Cullen O'Conner (organ/vocals) who have been pounding out their stripped-down brand of crazed rock n' roll since 2014. Their live shows have to be seen to be believed. Anyone who has seen them live or is familiar with their previous releases on Smog Veil, Dirty Water and Norton knows these guys are the real deal and they aren't messing around.

We here at In The Red HQ are of the firm belief that The Damned are one of the greatest rock n'roll bands of all time. It turns out Archie & the Bunkers share this feeling and have been known cover the Damned frequently and have performed entire sets of their music. They even jammed with the band on their last US tour, having a better memory of how some of their early material went than the men who wrote it!

Therefore we are happy that Archie & the Bunkers have agreed to cover some of their favorite Damned selections for us doing them in their own frantic, bare bones style. Recorded by Jim Diamond in Detroit, the results here are glorious!  Limited edition on splatter vinyl!


LTD (Louder Than Death) – s/t 12” EP

What happens when you put King Khan and Sean from The Spits together? The results are Louder Than Death. This 12” is the first collaboration between the two titans of garage-punk and the results are as bonkers as you'd hope. Sci-fi inspired punk meets weirdo synth damage that's as deranged and dumb as you'd hope. Since the recording of this debut release the band have added Aggy and Looch from the Magnetix to the line up and recorded an album (out later this year on ITR) of blistering, whacked-out punk rock that is guaranteed to blow minds. Watch for the band on tour! 200 Limited edition silk screened jackets with splatter vinyl!






The AND BAND - Outhern LP (Spacecase Records)

The And Band was the continuation of Wellington, New Zealand’s late ‘70s DIY pioneers The Spies, who received a posthumous release (The Battle of Bosworth Terrace) on Siltbreeze in 2014. Renamed the And Band after moving to Christchurch, the group wound down sometime around 1982, but not before influencing local musicians and releasing an incredibly rare split 7” EP (with the Perfect Strangers) and this LP—originally available on cassette only. Outhern features George D. Henderson, who would later go on to form the Puddle (Flying Nun), and should appeal to fans of early Red Krayola and The Godz.  

Jointly released with Selection Records. Limited to 500 copies.


CR Dicks - Go In LP + CD + DVD

Cedar Rapids Dicks... get it? Andy from Horrors / Autodramatics with a wacked out garage / punk / funk mess that's it's own fucking thing, for real! On the f'in pipe, slurred and mean. Raw doggin! The same kinda great riffs & catchy songs as Andy's earlier bands, just splattered with some new kinda paint & wall. Potent stuff from an underground potentate. Fans of Gories, Horrors, and Hunches should find something to lurch to, here, for sure. Edition of 100. With CD and DVD included! Sold out at the source, get it now. 


New stuff available now from In The Red!!  


Simply Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited double LP

 In 1989 a record label called Mole Sound released an album of previously unreleased recordings done in 1974-75 by Canadian proto-punk band Simply Saucer. The album gained an immediate cult following and, sadly, went right out of print. Byron Coley called it “the best Canadian album ever made”. The NME said the album was, “a divine mix of Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett still mercifully intact) and the Velvet Underground (when Andy Warhol was at the helm)”. The record has received praise from the likes of Thurston Moore, Jon Spencer, John Dwyer and Ty Segall (who has covered the band’s Bullet Proof Nothing). In The Red is over the moon to announce the first vinyl reissue of this album in 15 years. We have remastered the original LP and added a bonus LP which contains the live show from which the live material on the original album was drawn. Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and limited edition on splatter vinyl. We don’t get much more geeked about a release than this! You will be a better person with this in your record collection.


Shark Toys - Labyrinths LP/CD

 Los Angeles’ Shark Toys have been bashing out their unique brand of frantic, weirdo post-punk for years now and it’s a wonder why ITR hasn’t worked with them before now. Thankfully we are correcting this with the release of Labyrinths - 14 fast paced rippers that have been described by at least one person as sounding like “early No Age meets Tyvek on uppers”. With a constantly evolving line up it is easy to say this is the most aggro version of the band to date. There’s an occasional sax skronk (courtesy of Mikal Cronin), piano plink-plunk, and the spare synth squiggle here and there, but more often than not it’s a batch of four-on-the-floor pogo-friendly numbers that will have even the most jaded message board lurkers rethinking what the Los Angeles underground has to offer. Limited edition on splatter vinyl.


New t-shirts!! In our ever-growing line of apparel we are proud to announce three new additions:


Simply Saucer Cyborgs Revisited tees!



Des Demonas!! 


Tyvek! Designed by the band’s own Heath Heemsbergen


Back in stock!! Lost Sounds - S/T LP 


Also new from our pals at Spacecase Records:

Straight Arrows Out and Down b/w Francisee 7

Two brand new songs from this incredible band from Sydney. Limited edition of 300.


COMING SOON from In The Red!!

We have loads of stuff on tap for 2018! Keep an eye peeled for new albums from Power, Warm Drag, Lavender Flu, Arndales, LTD (new band featuring King Khan and Sean from The Spits!!), Earth Girl Helen Brown, GØGGS, The CIA, Dan Melchior Band and others we’re keeping a lid on for now. Also, new 7” singles will be coming from Archie & the Bunkers, CFM and Meatbodies.


PRE-ORDER: Des Demonas S/T + The Original Panther Burns 7" November 29 2017

Des Demonas -  S/T 


*First 200 on colored vinyl

“The South will never rise again,” Jacky Cougar Abok intones in a manner that suggests he is looking straight into your eyeballs while singing the opening track on Des Demonas' debut LP on In The Red Records. His hand may be around your neck as well! Sounding like The Last Poets acid tripping to 60’s Sunset Strip, Des Demonas drag you on a wild ride of fuzzy guitars and swirling Farfisa organ while the bass and drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain. And that’s just the first song!

Des Demonas hail from Washington D.C., and have been denizens of the byways and highways of the city’s musical underground for years. Jacky Cougar Abok is the six-foot-five-inch tall Kenyan punk singer who has drummed with Thee Lolitas and Foul Swoops. Guitarist Mark Cisneros has bent strings with Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Deathfix, and Medications and pounded the traps for The Make-Up and Benjy Ferree, the latter alongside organist Paul Vivari. Joe Halladay (Citygoats) on bass and Ryan Hicks (Suns Of Guns) on drums round out this squared circle of sight and sound.

The songs on Des Demonas range from Nuggets-style snottiness on “Tuff Turf”, to the brash warnings of "Liez" ('Lies… only seem to matter if you never wise up'), to the stomper “Psychedelic Soldier” and cool psycho creeper “Say You Tried”, to the hard boiled 70’s punk of Swahili-sung “ Golden Eggs”. When Abok sings “There are no vampires in Africa,” it may be a warning. It may be a fact. Or it may be a whole lot of unrelenting scuzzy fun. Dig the Des Demonas. Play it loud. Twist your wig.

- Kid Congo Powers



The Original Panther Burns OGPB Rock Me b/w Whistleblower Blues - 7"

From our pals at Spacecase Records! Tav and the Baron are back! Stripped down, "Rock Me" is just Tav and Ross -- lo-fi and direct; this single was recorded in a single day. If you dug Behind the Magnolia Curtain and Panther Phobia, you're going to want this one. Limited to 500 copies and released jointly with Selection Records. This record will not be repressed.




For too many years to count Lars Finberg has been a fixture in the underground music scene. From drum basher in the A-Frames and Thee Oh Sees to secret weapon in Wounded Lion to the driving force behind The Intelligence and Puberty - his whirlwind presence has been a reliable one; that of an artist that people look for and look toward. With that it is with great pride and excitement that In The Red announces Lars’ debut solo offering, Moonlight Over Bakersfield. Followers of Finberg’s recording history will immediately detect a plume of confidence around Moonlight Over Bakersfield, an air that each successive offering has inched toward but now, at long last, has taken full bloom. For the uninitiated this is an excellent place to start. The favors called in for this occasion serve only as to bolster the offering as a whole.  Frequent collaborators now stew with notable heavies from LA LUZ and MELVINS / BIG BUSINESS, creating Finberg’s Whole New Sound.  The great MIKAL CRONIN even guests on sax, offering sophisticated bleat as needed.  It’s TY SEGALL that serves as Finberg’s main ally here though, both at the controls and in performance. The results are utterly fantastic and you NEED this in your life. Limited edition on beautiful orange vinyl.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Meatbodies "Creature Feature" October 31 2017

VIDEO PREMIERE > > > MEATBODIES new video for "CREATURE FEATURE" from their latest record ALICE is now alive on the In The Red Records Youtube channel! Start your Halloween off right and check out this very creepy treat right now! 

The STALLION - The Dark Side Of The Wall - Triple LP October 13 2017



The Dark Side Of The Wall

All hail the debut release from The Stallion! The Stallion are Ben Wallers and Alastair Mackinven of the Country Teasers. For two years they labored at the legendary Hit Factory recording studios in London as their schedule allowed. The project at hand was their long-planned/often-threatened The Dark Side Of The Wall – a song for song interpretation of Pink Floyd's 1979 album The Wall. At long last we are proud to unveil the results – The Dark Side Of The Wall is upon us.

It should surprise no one familiar with Ben Wallers' work or record collection that he would choose this particular album to honor. The Wall's influence has been noticeable in his music before (see Spiderman In The Flesh from the Country Teasers' Empire Strikes Back album). The man likes his Floyd - he even rates The Final Cut as “brilliant”.

It should also surprise no one that Roger Waters' compositions from The Wall take a morbid and twisted turn in the hands of Ben and Alastair. What was already a fairly dark and bleak piece of work becomes much darker and bleaker here. It's also longer. Pink Floyd's original contained 26 songs spread across four sides of long playing vinyl which, by comparison, was the same number of tracks as Pink Floyd’s four previous studio albums combined. The Stallion's take on these same 26 selections spans SIX sides of vinyl. Alastair says, “it's longer so it's better, right?” You be the judge but, we concur.

The Dark Side Of The Wall is a beautiful piece of work both aurally and aesthetically. Packaged in a gorgeous heavy duty triple gatefold, this limited edition triple vinyl package won't be around long. You will hate yourself if you miss it.

Includes download code. First 100 on color vinyl.

Kid Congo HALLOWEEN 7" & Ty Segall Band SLAUGHTERHOUSE 2xLP September 01 2017



Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds HALLOWEEN single!

Spider Baby / Apple In The Razor Blade

We are proud to announce the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of seven inch records celebrating the only holiday that matters. Kid Congo kicks the series off in grand style tackling the theme song to the movie Spider Baby (originally sung by Lon Chaney Jr) and a very creepy instrumental. Pressed on beautiful black and orange splatter vinyl, housed in a ghoulish sleeve designed by Igor and pressed in an edition of 666. 



Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse double LP

Originally pressed as a double 10” in 2012 and criminally out of print on vinyl for over a year, we are happy to announce the re-release of Slaughterhouse as a double 12”. We’ve remastered it (it sounds better than ever!) and added one track left off the original version from the same session. Definitely one of our coolest releases. Very limited edition on color vinyl.



The debut album from The Side Eyes is available for pre-order NOW!

Limited edition on color vinyl!


The debut album on In the Red Records by Southern California punk quartet the Side Eyes raises interesting questions about nature versus nurture — the eternal scientific debate about whether a human being’s personality is predetermined by genetics or whether it’s actually shaped by the environment one grows up in.


The Side Eyes’ lead singer, Astrid McDonald, is a fascinating test case. The 22-year-old Angeleno is the real-wild-child daughter of Go-Go’s guitarist-songwriter Charlotte Caffey and Redd Kross singer-guitarist Jeff McDonald. How much has Astrid’s notoriously fiery onstage presence been influenced by basic heredity and how much was her personality inspired by being raised by two legendary punk-pop icons?


Similarly, how did growing up together as brothers in New Jersey affect the hard-driving musical attack of 22-year-old guitarist Kevin Devine and 20-year-old bassist Chris Devine? Much of rock history has been fueled by the unique familial dynamics and sibling rivalries of brothers in bands, from the Everly Brothers and the Kinks’ Ray and Dave Davies to Redd Kross’ Jeff and Steven McDonald. When the two Devines’ aggressive approach is combined with 23-year-old San Diego native Nick Arnold’s remorselessly throttling drumming, the Side Eyes end up as a powerfully controlled punk rock machine that actually blows past the sonic barriers of their past inspirations.


Produced by Steven McDonald, the Side Eyes’ debut album is a collection of 12 short, fast and punchy punk rock anthems. Astrid McDonald is hardly a shrinking violet as she rails about life’s tribulations, spitting out her lyrics with a bratty defiance while still retaining hints of a serenely melodic poise. After drummer Nick Arnold, bassist Chris Devine and guitarist Kevin Devine lay down the ominous metallic intro on the record’s opening track, “I Hate Dates,” Astrid rants about the horrors of modern dating while the rest of the band switches to a brutal hardcore punk tempo.


She’s even more pointed on “Cat Call,” casting a baleful glare at creepy guys who harass her in public. “You think that you can whistle at me,” McDonald intones in a chilling voice. “Just ’cause I’m cute, and I’m walking down the street/I’m not looking to be your doll/I don’t want to hear your stupid cat call!” The band slows down briefly for a sullen hard-rock groove to allow her words to sink in before the song switches back into a liberating blast of pure hardcore anger.


Even with such a rich musical heritage, Astrid McDonald doesn’t really sound much like either of her parents on the new album. Although there are traces of the early Redd Kross’ primal punk rock and the Go-Go’s’ prototypical pop-punk, the Side Eyes tend to play faster and harder than either of those groups, with more of a hardcore pace as Astrid bares her soul with a hell of a lot more raw passion and unfiltered anger.


McDonald is clearly a singer who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She turns her withering gaze upon a series of distractions and foolish annoyances, from her various rivals (“Teenage Jerks”) and other assorted losers (“Dead End Boy”) to the perils of formal education (“I Don’t Want to Go to School”). 


But McDonald isn’t all about anger. She rhapsodizes over “a man who can who can dress like a chick” on the gender-bent valentine “Guy Chick,” as the rest of the group slams out a surging landslide of distortion. “I feel alive when he looks at me … I want a man who can be a girl,” she screams as Kevin Devine buries her pleas with quick, florid garlands of lead-guitar noise. Kevin Devine teases further with hints of jangling garage-rock guitar on “Please Float Away,” as McDonald’s vocals hover dreamily before the song is swept away in another tide of thick grunge power chords.


The album closes with “Don’t Talk to Me,” a cover song that was released on In the Red Records in 2016 as part of the Side Eyes’ split 7-inch single with Redd Kross, “Songs That Chargo Taught Us.” The seedily disturbing burst was written by Astrid’s mother, Charlotte “Chargo” Caffey, when she was in the late-1970s L.A. punk trio The Eyes, and it’s given a ferocious makeover by The Side Eyes.


- Falling James


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These beauties were designed by the one and only Tati Compton and were previously only available at the CFM merch booth. 

Chain & the Gang-Best of Crime Rock LP/CD + 2 New T-Shirts! May 26 2017



Chain & the Gang – Best Of Crime Rock LP/CD

We're proud to announce the newest album by Ian Svenonius' incredible Chain & the Gang. Best Of Crime Rock finds the band revisiting/re-recording some of their best tracks of past releases along with some brand new ones. This is the band at their most rocking. A must for any fan and the best place to start for the uninitiated. Limited edition on pink vinyl.


Also available are two new t-shirt designs!


feedtime! Absolutely swank t-shirts for the Aussie rock legends featuring their trademark frog on the front and band name on the back. Comes in white on green and green on black.



Chain & the Gang - Best Of Crime Rock tees featuring the cover of their latest album. Black print on white. This grainy, lo-fi tee will make you look like a total bad-ass!

PURE HELL April 12 2017

In The Red is proud to announce that we have joined forces with Henry Rollins’ 2-13-61 label to bring you this awesome new single by Pure Hell for Record Store Day! We’ll let Henry lay out the details of this record here:

In the late 1970’s. Ian MacKaye and I found out about the Philadelphia area band, Pure Hell. We found their two song single with These Boots Were Made for Walking and No Rules and tripped on how heavy the band looked on the cover. 

At some point, we were told that the band had made an album length tape that was sitting in a closet somewhere. In the middle of the 1990’s, Welfare Records released these songs, which did indeed exist, on album called Noise Addiction. I was amazed at how great the songs were and wondered why they had stayed unreleased for so long. 


In 2016, an acetate of Pure Hell hit eBay. There two songs on it, Wild One and Courageous Cat. Both featured on Noise Addiction but different takes. I was able to secure the record. I played part of Wild One to get levels, then transferred the two songs. 


I thought that if I could get the band’s permission, this would be a perfect Record Store Day release. I contacted Kenny Gordon, the band’s vocalist, told him what I wanted to do and waited to see what he had to say. He gave me the green light. I immediately contacted Larry Hardy at In the Red Records because I knew he would get the idea. He came on board immediately. 


I went back to Kenny to get some information on the tracks. In 1975, the band recorded six songs at Magnagraphics Enterprise Studio in NYC. The mixes were committed to three two-song acetates. The band lost track of what happened to them as well as the source tapes. Basically, the only way to hear these versions is the acetate. 


I figured if these tracks were not released, I was singlehandedly denying any Pure Hell fan the chance to hear the music. Not the thing to do. 


We sent the tracks to audio wizard Tim Warren, who was able to bring a lot of sound out of the tracks. Mike Schneider at Welfare Records allowed us to use one of his photos for the cover. Everyone involved waved any monetary income. All profits are going to the band. 


Larry and I being vinyl freaks, there are several color variants and they all look really cool. We put all this together to do right by history and rock Record Store Day. Our only intent was to put something great in the bin. This is what it’s all about. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring you this great music. Below is the back cover copy, which will hopefully answer any questions you might have. Thanks. Henry Rollins


Pure Hell – The 1975 Acetate

Side A - Wild One

Side B - Courageous Cat

Recorded at Magnagraphics Enterprise Studio NYC 1975


Kenny "Stinker" Gordon - Vocals + bass on Wild One

Michael "Spider" Sanders - Percussion.

Preston "Chipper" Morris - Guitars

Lenny "Steal" Boles - Bass

These tracks are two of six that were recorded in the session. The other titles are Pretty Poison, I'm Crawling, Rot in the Doghouse and Cosmic Love.

The session was cut onto three two song acetates, in the A and B side order above. This single is the audio carefully transferred from the actual acetate, the only one we have been able to find so far. I have loved this band for nearly 40 years. The chance to team up with Kenny, Larry and Mike to bring this to you is beyond exciting. Long live Pure Hell. – Henry Rollins


At the time we were unaware that a whole new trend to be coined 'Punk Rock' would evolve as it did. I'm amazed that this acetate resurfaced after being lost along with the other two, and that Henry, and Larry at In The Red Records would be the ones to illuminate it in the 21st century! - Kenny Gordon


Digital transfer – Henry Rollins

Mastering - Tim Warren

Cover photo from the archives of Mike Schneider / Welfare Records

This is a co-release by In the Red Records and 2-13-61 Records

CFM & BOSS HOG April 10 2017

Two new releases available NOW!



CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated  LP/CD

Charles Francis Moothart follows up his fantastic solo debut, Still Life of Citrus and Slime, with this ten song scorcher that can only be described as a quantum leap. This is just incredible! Limited edition on color vinyl.



Boss Hog - Brood X  LP/CD

After a 16 year hiatus Boss Hog came back with a bang last year undertaking tours on the east coast, west coast and Europe. Last summer we released the Brood Star EP and we are now proud to announce the release of their first album since Whiteout (2000) and it’s one of the band’s strongest releases ever. Limited edition on color vinyl.

New Sounds From Australia + Turntable Pads + More!! February 26 2017

New shit available for pre-order Sunday, February 26th @ Noon PST!!


Feedtime - Gas LP/CD 

In The Red is proud to announce the first new album from Australia’s favorite misanthropic noise-makers in over 20 (!!!) years. Gas finds the band sounding exactly as they always did - pummeling, gnarly and AWESOME! Limited edition on green vinyl. Ships mid March.


Power - Electric Glitter Boogie LP/CD 

We’re also excited to announce this reissue from another incredible Australian import. Electric Glitter Boogie is the debut album from this amazing power trio that was originally released on Cool Death Records. This is ass-kicking troglodyte rock that sounds like Colored Balls on crystal meth. Look for a brand new album later this year. Limited edition on red vinyl. Ships mid March.



also in stock…..


James Arthur’s Manhunt - Staring at the Sun b/w Cherry Red 7” (Spacecase Records)

Coming off his recent 12XU LP, Arthur (FIREWORKS, REATARDS, NECESSARY EVILS, CC RIDERS, etc.) went back into the studio with maven producer STUART SIKES (LORETTA LYNN, THE BOX TOPS) and recorded two covers—Angry Samoans’ “Staring at the Sun” and The Groundhogs’ “Cherry Red.” Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.


Lavender Flu - Heavy Air doubler LP (Meds Records)

Finally a re-press of this amazing double album from Chris Gunn (Hunches) and friends. A must-have!



We’ve done a small run of turntable pads.These are printed on cork rather than felt to prevent slippage (and they look really swank). We have two designs - the ITR logo and this retro “PUNK” safety pin design that we swiped from a sticker from the late 70’s.


UPCOMING 2017 RELEASES!! January 09 2017

Our 2017 plate is overflowing with great new music! Here are just a few releases that are right around the corner...



Meatbodies - Alice - LP/CD




Feedtime - Gas - LP/CD




Power - Electric Glitter Boogie - LP/CD




Boss Hog - Brood X - LP/CD




CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated - LP/CD




Chain & the Gang - Best of Crime Rock - LP/CD





Now Available For Pre-Order! January 06 2017

BBQ aka Mark Sultan’s new self-titled album! 


This is Mark’s first solo album in over FIVE years and it finds him in one-man-band mode for the first time since 2005’s Tie Your Noose album on BOMP! Twelve band new tracks that are raw yet loud rather than lo-fi. You know him from his work in The King Khan & BBQ Show, Thee Almighty Defenders, Ding Dongs and Les Sexareenos. You’ve loved his soulful croon on songs like “Waddling’ Around” and “Too Much In Love”. You’ve marveled at his out of control stage antics. Any fan of moody garage, dirty R&B and tragic rock n’ roll knows they need this new album! Available on LP and CD. The first 200 LPs on beautiful color vinyl.



CHROME REVERSE - They Wanna Fight LP (Mag Wheels Records, France)

Here comes the long awaited debut album after a handful of 45's from Parisian band CHROME REVERSE, formed by Lili Z. and Iwan (previously in snotty garage bands like  No-Talents, Splash Four, Les Terribles, Loud Mufflers, Volt etc.) to do the stuff they’d always been obsessed with—R&B primitivism and dirty, early 60's R'n'R (known in Frogland as "white rock").

Stripped down roquers, weird rompin' strollers, cranked up guitar instrumentals, 5 covers by some of their late 50's heroes as well as their own Lili Z. penned bent tunes are but a sampling of the many moods of CHROME REVERSE's "They wanna fight". If you like your R'n'R raw, sloppy, greasy and frantic topped with a chick screaming her lungs & heart out, this one's for you. A Hot and Heavily recommended LP! If you dig early CRAMPS and "Big Pine Boogie" era Gibson Bros, etc. they'll certainly be your alley.



CHROME REVERSE - four track EP (Kizmiaz Records)

This single was pressed in a very small quantity. We have the last copies! Get it while you can!




NEW SOUNDS FROM DETROIT!! September 26 2016

We’re proud to announce three new Detroit based albums available for pre-order starting Monday, September 26th at noon PST.



Dan Kroha is no stranger to fans of Detroit rock n’ roll having been a founding member of the legendary Gories as well as playing in bands like the Demolition Doll Rods, Rocket 455 and his solo blues project. In the Darleans Danny takes it back to his garage rock roots playing straight-up, no-frills, hard-hitting, Rn’B influenced house rockers. This is killer stuff from the real deal!


TYVEK - Origin Of What  LP/CD

Tyvek are back with their first studio full length since 2012’s On Triple Beams and it's well worth the wait.Their signature punk-DIY-lo-fi-off kilter music has never sounded better. You’ll hate yourself if you sleep on this one!


THE INTENDED - Time Will Tell  LP/CD

The debut album from Detroit’s The Intended is sure to please anyone lucky enough to get their hands on the band’s debut single on All Gone records. Consisting of some current and previous members of Tyvek and the Odd Clouds, The Intended mine similar musical territory in a slightly more basement psychedelic, unsteady way. The results are incredible!


All available in limited color vinyl. Ships late October.

Ex-Cult / The Lasters / T-Shirts + More! September 14 2016

Hear ye! Here ye! Lots of new items available for Pre-Order



Ex-Cult - Attention Ritual LP/CD

In the year of the snitch, there are forces beyond your control that keep you up at night. Ghost notions that swirl around your room while you sleep. Your own pillow laughing right in your face while you fight for an hour of rest. There are voices that whisper from the corner, telling you everything you never wanted to hear. ‘Negative Growth’, our third album, is dedicated to fear and deception.

This collection of songs were conceived in Memphis and finalized in Los Angeles, with the help of our family doctor Ty Segall. It was created in February 2016, when we traded Memphis misery for a week of California sunshine. ‘Negative Growth’ is a nine-track nightmare, a death trip in the crystal ship. Out later this year, the institution known as In The Red Records will do the honors. The Hollywood Heat Seeker takes ten years off your life. - Chris Shaw

First 200 on Limited Edition Orange Vinyl. First come, first served. No guarentees,



The Lasters - Kind of Blew LP

In The Red is proud to announce a co-release with our friends at Futilitarian Records; the debut full-length from The Laster titled Kind Of Blew. After three killer singles of anti-social punk rock the band have delivered a 19 track LP that tops all of their singles. Comes in handmade sleeves (each one unique). Edition of 200. They’ll go quick.





The Klitz - Live at the Well 7"

Live at the Well is the second archival release of Memphis' first punk band, The Klitz. Recorded in 1979 and 1980, these four tracks contain two Klitz originals (never properly recorded in a demo/home studio) and two covers—The Cramps' "TV Set" and the Velvet Underground's "AfterHours." Featuring the classic Klitz lineup of Gail Elise Clifton, Lesa Aldridge, Marcia Clifton and Amy Gassner (with the Randy Band's Randy Chertow filling in on bass), the record comes with an oral history by Ryan Leach.

Mentored by Alex Chilton and Jim Dickinson, The Klitz were equal parts Shaggs and Panther Burns. Although they never released a record during their initial '78-'80 run, their influence on Memphis punk is undeniable. Live at the Well should appeal to fans of Stranded in Canton and Like Flies on Sherbert. Released by our friends at Spacecase Records.



Bored Out - Interviews by Ryan Leach

Also from Spacecase Records comes Bored Out. A collection of Ryan Leach’s interviews (Razorcake and Terminal Boredom), spanning the years 2005 to 2016. Interviewees include John Talley–Jones (Urinals), Dave Alvin, Bruce Moreland (Wall of Voodoo, Nervous Gender), Kid Congo Powers, Eric Friedl (Oblivians, Goner Records), Larry Hardy (In the Red), Jeffrey Evans, James Arthur, John Felice (Real Kids, Modern Lovers), Robert Scott (Clean, Bats, Electric Blood) and more. Includes oral histories on the Gun Club, Consumers and Memphis’ first punk band, the Klitz. Foreword by Gerard Cosloy.




CCR Headcleaner T-Shirt

Featuring artwork from their ripping In The Red release "Tear Down the Wall."



Ex-Cult T-Shirt

Classic Ex-Cult logo in the same fashion as their debut In The Red 7". ITR Logo on sleeve.




GØGGS tee featuring record artwork on the front and ITR logo on the sleeve.



Kill A Garage Rocker For Punk T-Shirt

Limited Edition t-shirt designed (and modeled here) by Ty Segall exclusively for In The Red. Black poly/cotton baseball tee with orange text / stripes / collar.

SUMMER 2016 NEW RELEASES July 13 2016

BOSS HOG - Brood Star 12” EP
New York City’s most dangerous rock’n’roll band, Boss Hog, is back with BROOD STAR, a four song Maxi-Disco 12-inch, distilled, vivisected, surgically altered, bound, spindled, remixed and mutilated into a tantalizing amuse-bouche for their forthcoming full-length album, BROOD X.
BOSS HOG has traveled to the edge of the physical realm and the far side of human comprehension to bring back an unprecedented listening experience.
BROOD STAR is a scalding hot treat, broiled by cosmic rays, and ripped from the furthest reaches of the audible universe.
BROOD STAR swarms like prehistoric insects rising out of deep hibernation.
BROOD STAR is primitive, raw, punk rock’n’roll, re-imagined for a New World.
Listen to BROOD STAR now. Feel it unfold inside of your brain.
Succumb to your future.
A world without war.
A world without pain.
Do not attempt to adjust your stereo.
Boss Hog was formed in 1989 by Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer. The band has released three disturbed and sexually incendiary studio albums and as many EPs, along with numerous slashing, unparalleled singles, on the world’s most important record labels, including Amphetamine Reptile, In The Red, and DGC/Geffen. Boss Hog is internationally-known as New York City’s most provocative and original rock’n’roll band.
Tracks: Witchita Grey, Nymph Beat, Devious Motherfucker,Disgrace
July 11  - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
July 12 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
July 13 - Eugene, OR - HiFi Music Hall Lounge
July 14 - San Francsico, CA  - Slim's
July 15 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex (In The Red 25th Anniversary)
July 16 - San Deigo CA - Casbah
REDD KROSS / The SIDE EYES - “Songs That Chargo Taught Us” split 7”
In The Red is over the moon to announce the release of this new split single by REDD KROSS and The SIDE EYES. REDD KROSS should need no introduction so we’ll just say that they are the finest purveyors of punk-glam-pop-metal in the world and one of the best band’s to come out of Los Angeles ever. Fronted by brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald, the band started out in the late 70’s LA punk scene when they were 12 and 15 years old! They’ve continued to record the entire time releasing one amazing record after another.
The Side Eyes are a brand new Los Angeles punk band fronted by Astrid McDonald, daughter of Jeff from Redd Kross and Charlotte Caffey (Go-Go’s). The Side Eyes are a ferocious young punk band whose sound recalls early punk bands like The Bags and Avengers and they play with a heaviness that would make Mudhoney or Fuzz proud. Their live shows are frantic, aggressive and incredible.
One this single both bands have recorded renditions of songs written by Charlotte “Chargo” Caffey back in her early punk rock days. The Side Eyes do “Don’t Talk To Me” originally recorded by Charlotte’s band The Eyes. Redd Kross tackle “Screaming” a very early Go-Go’s song. Both are incredible! You need this!
Limited edition blue vinyl!
LORD HIGH FIXERS - Beginning Of The End…The End Of The Beginning double LP
Originally released on CD only back in 2002 when vinyl sales were in the toilet, our pals at Momentum Records have wisely seen fit to give it a release on vinyl. This double LP was pressed in a small edition and likely won’t be around long.


We are less than one week away from our 25th Anniversary shows. There are still a few tickets for Thursday and Friday available. Come celebrate with us!

1 2 3 4 May 30 2016

Yeah that's right. Not one. Not two. Not even three. But FOUR new LPs are up for pre-order. Right NOW.


CCR Headcleaner - Tear Down The Wall LP/CD

Sleeping Beauties - Self Titled LP/CD

GØGGS - Self Titled LP/CD

The Double - Dawn of the Double LP