Three new “hits” from In The Red!! 


Arndales – “Shops” LP

Arndales hail from the Three Counties (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire) area of England, a hinterland bolted on to North London. Members of the band have also performed with bands such as Country Teasers, Art Brut, Collapsed Lung, Thrilled Skinny and others. They describe their music as "Three Counties Ug-Rock".

On their new album they have taken inspiration from the rich world of retail jargon. The main source of lyrical inspiration was a shared Google Doc where friends could deposit the latest nuggets of retail gobbledygook they'd heard at work. Opening track "Prestige Pricing" is named after the practice of deliberately inflating the price of a product to indicate it's prestigious status. "Dark Store" takes its name from the customer-free supermarkets used to fulfill online shopping orders.

Album closer "Theme from A Big 10-8 Place" is a cover of the Negativland song, transferring the narrative from the Bay Area to mid Bedfordshire, England.

For fans of Country Teasers and The Fall. Limited edition on silver/gold vinyl.



ARCHIE & the BUNKERS – Play The Damned 7” EP

In The Red is proud to announce this brand new 7” EP from Cleveland, Ohio's Archie & the Bunkers. The band consists of teenage brothers Emmett (drums/vocals) and Cullen O'Conner (organ/vocals) who have been pounding out their stripped-down brand of crazed rock n' roll since 2014. Their live shows have to be seen to be believed. Anyone who has seen them live or is familiar with their previous releases on Smog Veil, Dirty Water and Norton knows these guys are the real deal and they aren't messing around.

We here at In The Red HQ are of the firm belief that The Damned are one of the greatest rock n'roll bands of all time. It turns out Archie & the Bunkers share this feeling and have been known cover the Damned frequently and have performed entire sets of their music. They even jammed with the band on their last US tour, having a better memory of how some of their early material went than the men who wrote it!

Therefore we are happy that Archie & the Bunkers have agreed to cover some of their favorite Damned selections for us doing them in their own frantic, bare bones style. Recorded by Jim Diamond in Detroit, the results here are glorious!  Limited edition on splatter vinyl!


LTD (Louder Than Death) – s/t 12” EP

What happens when you put King Khan and Sean from The Spits together? The results are Louder Than Death. This 12” is the first collaboration between the two titans of garage-punk and the results are as bonkers as you'd hope. Sci-fi inspired punk meets weirdo synth damage that's as deranged and dumb as you'd hope. Since the recording of this debut release the band have added Aggy and Looch from the Magnetix to the line up and recorded an album (out later this year on ITR) of blistering, whacked-out punk rock that is guaranteed to blow minds. Watch for the band on tour! 200 Limited edition silk screened jackets with splatter vinyl!






The AND BAND - Outhern LP (Spacecase Records)

The And Band was the continuation of Wellington, New Zealand’s late ‘70s DIY pioneers The Spies, who received a posthumous release (The Battle of Bosworth Terrace) on Siltbreeze in 2014. Renamed the And Band after moving to Christchurch, the group wound down sometime around 1982, but not before influencing local musicians and releasing an incredibly rare split 7” EP (with the Perfect Strangers) and this LP—originally available on cassette only. Outhern features George D. Henderson, who would later go on to form the Puddle (Flying Nun), and should appeal to fans of early Red Krayola and The Godz.  

Jointly released with Selection Records. Limited to 500 copies.


CR Dicks - Go In LP + CD + DVD

Cedar Rapids Dicks... get it? Andy from Horrors / Autodramatics with a wacked out garage / punk / funk mess that's it's own fucking thing, for real! On the f'in pipe, slurred and mean. Raw doggin! The same kinda great riffs & catchy songs as Andy's earlier bands, just splattered with some new kinda paint & wall. Potent stuff from an underground potentate. Fans of Gories, Horrors, and Hunches should find something to lurch to, here, for sure. Edition of 100. With CD and DVD included! Sold out at the source, get it now.