Piano Tunnels: Songs by Bill Gage & Cheater Slicks September 30 2021

Bill Gage is a quasi-famous singer with a raw, rock 'n' roll voice. Cheater Slicks are an infamous, raw, rock 'n' roll band. Put the two together and the resulting album is a stream-of-conscious stew of wild, fuzz-drenched rock 'n' roll! 

Some history: Both 
Cheater Slicks and Bill Gage's band BILL began in Boston in 1987, and it was sometime around then that Bill first sang with Tom and David Shannon playing guitars, in Bill's bedroom in Laconia, New Hampshire. The first BILL shows were organized by Bill's brother John after hearing positive and excited feedback from various musicians regarding Bill’s singing voice, which has been compared to the likes of Captain Beefheart, David Thomas, Damo Suzuky, and Yoko Ono. It was an intense and primal sound that was not forgotten by those involved. 

In spring 2018, when Cheater Slicks were presented with the idea of a collaborative record they wasted no time, and began writing and  arranging new songs for the project, sending rehearsal demos for Bill to hear and sing with at home in New Hampshire. Bill and John traveled to Columbus to record at the legendary Musicol studios in November of 2018. 

After 30 years of performing, is the world finally ready for Bill Gage— accompanied by the seismic Cheater Slicks? We think so! 
All profits from this record will benefit the Arts Resources programs of the National Association for Down Syndrome. Comes in limited edition on beer colored vinyl.