New Releases available for pre-order! February 27 2023

New releases ready for pre-order!
The Wolfmanhattan Project are back with their follow up to their debut from 2019. What began as a one-off studio project for this super group (Bob Bert, Kid Congo Powers, Mick Collins) wound up becoming an actual band that played gigs and it shows on this sophomore album. More rocking and cohesive than Blue Gene Stew (and it was no slouch), this sounds like a group that’s been together for years (and they have by now!). References and sometimes even direct quotes from sources as diverse as the Andrea True Connection, Captain Beefheart, the Count Five, and Eurythmics leap out of the speakers. 
“My biggest influence is beatnik poetry,” says Powers. “Bob comes from the no wave scene. Mick is an incredible source of all kinds of very strange musical information. We all have library cards and we read. We listen to all kinds of things. Our thing is garage rock, and to be a good garage rocker you have to be informed by many other things, or else you’re just nostalgia.
Limited edition color vinyl (the vinyl is beautiful on this one)! Ships mid March.
Live in St. Kilda was a rare appearance at which Powers was backed by a group other than his longtime combo the Pink Monkey Birds. The Nov. 9, 2019 show at the titular Australian city’s MEMO Music Hall was mounted to launch Nine Parts Water, One Part Sand: Kim Salmon and the Formula for Grunge, the autobiography of the singer-songwriter-guitarist of the famed Antipodean band the Scientists.
The hard-rocking group that ended up backing Powers on the show flashed some storied credentials of their own. Guitarist Harry Howard is the brother of the late Rowland S. Howard of the Bad Seeds, and played with Rowland in Crime and the City Solution and These Immortal Souls. Harry’s partner Edwina Preston is a keyboardist, a member of ATOM and the tribute unit Pop Crimes (playing the songs of Rowland Howard), and a well-known novelist and nonfiction writer. The group’s other couple, bassist Dave Graney and drummer Clare Moore, are well known Down Under for their earlier groups the Moodists and the Coral Snakes.
The show captured on this recording is incredible! This one-time-only performance includes Pink Monkey Birds favorites as well as covers of the Cramps, Gun Club, Shangri-Las and Suicide!
Limited color vinyl. Ships mid March.
PAUL B. CUTLER - Les Fleurs double LP/CD
Okay, this is a big one for ITR personally, as well as for Mr. Cutler. Paul B. Cutler is a founding member/song writer/lead guitarist of the Consumers and 45 Grave as well as later being lead guitarist of Dream Syndicate and a producer for many an awesome band. To say we’re fans of his is an understatement.
ITR were privileged with issuing the (then previously unreleased) Consumers 1977 album, All My Friends Are Dead, back in 1995. It remains one of the coolest things this label has ever done. Paul has never done a solo release until now. This album has been in the works for years - work began in 2014. 
Paul says, "the philosophy I had while producing it, it’s punk.  I come from the original punk, before it was a genre.  Before it was a ‘sound.’  When I got to LA in 1977 there were about 20, maybe 30 bands and they all sounded very different. The Screamers, the Deadbeats, so many different takes on what music could be. There was no chance for commercial success so we all just did what we wanted. I never stopped. So philosophically I consider this punk rock, made in its original spirit although nobody would recognize it as such. I am a punk to this day.”
Les Fleurs definitely sounds like a product of the mastermind behind the Consumers and 45 Grave - his song writing and guitar playing are instantly recognizable. His whispered vocals give the whole affair a creepy, evil vibe that should also appeal to fans of 45 Grave.
The vinyl is truly one of the most beautiful packages we’ve ever done - a double gatefold cover that’s foil embossed with a pop-up inside. The color wax is also gorgeous.
Ships in April.
WALTER DANIELS - From Death To Texas / Seems Like A Dream 7” (Spacecase Records)
Daniels single on Spacecase. The 45 features a Jeffrey Lee Pierce cover on the A side, “From Death to Texas,” and a Yank Rachell tune, “Seems Like a Dream,” on the B side. As per his usual, Walter assembled a formidable group of musicians to help him out, including Marco Butcher, Luis Tissot, Danny B. Harvey, Annie Marie Lewis (Jerry Lee’s niece), Ted Roddy, Steve Schecter, Kurtis Machler and Mike Buck.