In The Red is proud to announce the 12” vinyl release of six songs from the Linda Lindas’ early recording sessions on beautiful color vinyl variants that were specifically picked by each member of the band. The group released the tracks digitally a year ago and have since become instant sensations when their song Racist, Sexist Boy went viral - now everyone knows how awesome they are. We were already huge fans of the band and are thrilled to be giving these songs the vinyl treatment. This release will be priming the pump for their debut album which will be out later in 2022 on Epitaph.

Alice Bag says…
I first had my mind blown by The Linda Lindas at a Save The Music in Chinatown Event. The series of concerts was meant to raise funds for the music program at Castelar Elementary School in Chinatown. At that point, the girls played covers of popular punk songs and traded instruments. They played with skill, joy and zero pretense. The children in the audience danced and chased each other around to the music. As I recall, the old timers in the audience included OG members of the Adolescents, the Dils, the Zeros, the Alley Cats, Nervous Gender, and of course the Bags. We were all smiling from ear to ear during the entire set, recognizing that punk spirit of fearlessness and an eagerness to take on the world.
But how did they get to be so good? Eloise, Mila and Lucia had all taken classical piano lessons before the idea of forming a band occurred to anyone and their friend Bela was studying guitar. They had already dipped their toes in the fundamental ooze of music theory. Kristin Kontrol stepped into this swirl of stardust and helped the band coalesce. Like the best fairy godmothers, she helped them learn to play together then allowed them to continue growing on their own. Of course, the girls themselves are the source of the melodies, harmonies, and the song lyrics inspired by their experiences, told from their personal points of view. All this is delivered onstage with conviction and confidence, punk-rocking swagger and an uncontrollable effervescence.
Let me say that a good part of the band's success story should be credited to the parents who have supported and encouraged these girls in every way. I’ve seen them taking the girls to rock concerts, working the merch tables at their shows, being roadies, managers, stylists, engineers and producers - not in a pushy, stage parent way but in a way that serves their daughters' dreams. I love seeing these young girls supported with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for high school boys on sports teams. It’s this strong foundation that allows the girls themselves to deliver the goods with a combination of musicianship, songwriting ability, and commitment to rock. You can hear those elements shine through in every song of these early recordings.
I can still vividly recall being in the audience at the Masque for the debut show by a brand new, all-female punk band called The Go-Go's. After the set I was talking to my Bags bandmate, Craig Lee and we both agreed that the girls were destined for big things. Aside from their undeniable style and charisma, they had a unique ability: they wrote songs with catchy hooks, melodies and backing vocals that set them apart from most of the other bands at the time. No one could have guessed that forty-four years later, the Go-Go's would be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame as much for their classic tunes as for changing the face of rock and proving definitively that women in rock weren't flukes or novelties. Women belonged onstage in a rock band.
As you listen to this EP, keep in mind that The Linda Lindas are not just here to entertain - they’re writing a new chapter in rock herstory.